Sunday, November 10, 2013

Problems in playing Flash Video on iPad 5?

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Are you entangled in playing your favorite flash video on your iPad 5? Are you sick of seeing those video playback issues with your flash videos over and over again? For those who say yes; Firecoresoft SWF converter is an ultimate solution to their problems.

Do you want to play SWF on iPad?

If you have been quit playing your favorite SWF files on your iPad because of certain video playback issues and other problems, you have got to think again. Now, you can brace yourselves and say a very big hi to Firecoresoft SWF converter. This SWF converter allows you to convert SWF videos into many commonly known video formats that include MPG, MPEG, FLV, DV, AVI, MP4, and many more. If you want to play SWF on iPad, you can certainly work with Firecoresoft SWF converter.

In order to work with Firecoresoft SWF converter, you need to download the same.

For playing flash videos on iPad, you can convert the SWF files into the video format that is supported by your iPad. The widely used and commonly known format for all models of iPad is MP4. You can play flash videos successfully on your iPad using MP4 video format.

Convert SWF to MP4 Videos

Here, we are going to illustrate the procedure to convert SWF to MP4 video files. However, you can also convert the SWF video to other formats, which are supported by your other portable devices. Follow the below-mentioned steps to convert your flash video to MP4 format:
  • Launch the Firecoresoft SWF Video Converter in your computer.
  • Load the desired flash video file (SWF format) by selecting the file from the relevant location in your system, as shown in figure below:

  • Select the MP4 format from the list of formats under the Apple Device category, as shown in figure below:

  • Click the Start button to initiate the process of converting the video file from SWF to MP4.
Note: You have to click the Start button again in the next window that appears following the previous window.

The process of conversion takes place, as shown in figure below:

Your desired flash movie is converted to the MP4 format successfully, which allows you to play SWF on iPad.

Additional things you can do with your video

In addition to converting flash video files from SWF format to other formats, you can customize these files to enhance their look and appearance.

Note: You need to click the Crop button

You can customize the appearance of the selected flash file by adjusting its width and height, as shown in figure below:

These additional options enable you to make your video look better when you finally play it in your iPad.

Final Verdict

Firecoresoft smoothly converts your flash videos from SWF format to MP4 format for your iPad. The videos thus converted are absolutely great in quality and play smoothly on the iPad device without any hindrance.


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