Thursday, December 12, 2013

5 Best VOIP Solutions That You've Never Heard Before!

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Nowadays people migrate to far away location in search of better lifestyle, job, education etc. And in such an environment, it is pretty much difficult to keep in touch with them via phone calls, as international phone calls seem too expensive at times.

Now that the technology and internet has advanced, VOIP calls over Internet can be the best and cheapest alternative to cellular phone calls as it allows you to call far away destinations for a cheap rate.

Call USA and Canada for Free

There are many VOIP providers out there but if you’re in search of the best, affordable and user friendly VOIP providers out there then today we’re here with a hand-picked list of the Top 5 VOIP Solutions that you’ve never heard before.


Knctr is the best available VOIP client out there that helps you make calls to any specific number, regardless of carriers or region within USA and Canada. And in case if the party you wish to call already has KNCTR installed, then you will be able to make calls free of cost via account-to-account calls.

Being the best functional VOIP client out there, the affordability and user friendly pricing of service is what makes it much popular.

2. VOIP wise:

We place VOIP wise second in our list because of the ease of functionality that favors both personal as well as business uses. And when it comes to affordability, VOIPwise has some very user friendly features such as FREE calls between destinations within USA and the rates for international calls are cheap as well.

Apart from free setup feature provided by VOIP wise, you get unlimited minutes of talk time even with the purchase of the basic plan from VOIPwise which makes it much popular.

3. Ring Central:

What make RingCentral stand out in this list is the cheap rates that it charges for its service plans. Starting from just $8.29, plans offered by Ring Central favors both official and personal uses and gives out 100 minutes of talk time within the basic plan.

Even though the service plans are pretty cheap, it does not affect its call quality and gives crisp and clear audio output, provided you have a stable internet connection.

4. Phone Power:

Phone Power offers a very flexible list of service plans for its customers starting from just $8.33 extending up to $14.95 per month. And the features offered by PhonePower include unlimited local calls within current nation and 60 free talk time minutes per month for international calls.

PhonePower gives good call satisfaction provided you have a high speed internet connection. Also occasional budget friendly offers are also pulled on by the service.


The service plans from begins at just $9.88 per month accompanied with free setup cost. However, based on your selected plan, amount may get deducted on cancellation. mainly favors home based users and also has some favorable plans for businesses. However, the minutes you receive depends on the service plans that you choose from the provider.

Final Words:

Well, that was a list of Top 5 VOIP Solutions that you might not have heard of. I hope you found this article helpful. In case you already had experience with any of the VOIP solutions listed above, please share your review on the respective service on the comments section below.


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