Tuesday, June 03, 2014

5 Best Ways to Kill Time Online if you are Bored

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No matter how busy one seems to be, boredom is one thing that will always creep in. Whether in the work place or at home, we cannot avoid boredom. You get bored sitting behind your office desk for hours and you also get bored just idling around doing nothing. With that mentioned, who said that you cannot have fun during boredom? There are plenty of fun things that one can engage in to pass time when bored. Plenty of the stuff can be found online.

The internet has loads of crazy stuff that can help one turn a boring situation into a fun moment. You only need to identify what you feel like doing and conduct a search for the same. Being an open platform, you can choose to either be productive with your ideal time or choose otherwise. Listed below are five online time killers that can help you when facing a mental roadblock.

1. Play online games

Regardless of whether you are a game enthusiast or a casual player, online games provide you with a perfect opportunity to deal with your boredom. While online, you can play anything you want or feel like. If you feel like shooting people, you can go for the action games and if you wish for some human company, multiplayer games always offer you a platform where you can interact with your fellow mates.  You can also enjoy, have fun and play free games. Apart from this, you can find productive games to play if you intend to kill two birds with one stone. Games such as Freerice will help you to build your vocabulary while at the same time donating rice to the needy.
Accessibility to these online games has been made much easier considering the fact that they can be accessed through our Smartphones. This means that you can play them wherever and whenever you want.

2. Learn something new

They say that learning is a continuous process which should always be encouraged. Whenever you get an opportunity, you can always learn how to do something from sites such as wikiHow. The knowledge offered in some of these sites is worth a fortune and we should gladly embrace them.

3. Read a book

For those people who love reading, there are plenty of classic online books available which can be read for free from online channels such as E-books Directory, Planet eBook and Project Gutenberg. Better yet you can access an online book list where you can search for the latest books in store to go and grab.

4. Watch documentaries and educational videos

Documentaries are always informative and can be accessed online. On the other hand if you want to watch educational videos, you can always go to TED.com or Academic Earth. These sites boast of having thousands of educational videos which can benefit one.   

5. Laugh

Online sites such as Animal Being Dicks, Fail Blogs, Criggo and Dilbert will always crack you up with their fresh content that is deliberately aimed at lighting up the mood of the readers.


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