Friday, June 20, 2014

Top 10 Ways You Can Run Online Games Without any Hitch

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The stark processing of computers starts getting weary after they reach a certain age but due to the technology and innovations, everything can be made easier. Especially when it comes to online gaming, some computers get hostile to the gamer. In such cases, the user should know how to run online games without any hitch. There is a possible solution for the same which we will discuss down under.

Here are the top 10 ways you can run online games without any hitch: 

1.     Changing the video card:

Changing the video card of PC is one of the best ways you can run online games without any hitch. Once the computer gets old, the graphics card needs to be replaced. The 3D games that are rolling in the market currently expect higher PC requirements and hence, the user needs to hang on to the similar scale.

The graphic cards are however too big to be installed in PC’s, so the user shall look for the best options available in the market. They should be careful enough before ordering the graphic card. But once a new graphic card is installed in the PC, the productivity of the computer in terms of playing online games enhances to a great limit.

2.     Updating the drivers:

Installing the new drivers is an essential task that the gamer should be informed of. The best graphic cards also struggle when there is no apt driver to support it. Whenever, there is a hitch in playing an online game, the first step that shall be employed by the user is to sort out the drivers. Installing the up-to-date drivers is one of the best ways to play online games on your PC without any hassles.

3.     Cleaning the PC:

When the users are facing a problem playing online games, the first thing that strikes their mind is installing the graphic card and other elements. But in doing so, they forget to actually check if their PC is clean enough to support such games with high requirements. A game runs the best when it is played on a clean system. It is the key to non-stop gaming scenario on your computer.

4.     Upgrade the memory of your PC:

If the memory of your PC is not powerful, you would be finding major problem playing a game on it. Upgrading the memory is not an expensive task and can be done in an easier manner.  A 4GB of RAM is enough to support any sort of game. Hence, when you buy your computer, make sure that it possesses the standard amount of memory within. In case, it does not, try upgrading the memory with your vendor as it does not cost a fortune. 

5.     Powering the CPU:

CPU plays a pivotal role when it comes to the processing part and the performance of a game largely depends on how your CPU is. A dual core CPU is alright for playing online games without any hitch but if you upgrade your system to a quad core, it is always a better ride.

6.     Over-clocking is a no:

You should always say no to overclocking when it comes to the performance of online games over your PC. In case you go for over-clocking, it is important to make sure that the cooling can be stretched too far reach.  In a general case, you should always say no for over-clocking as it does not boost the performance of your PC when it comes to playing online games.

7.     Clean up the PC:

Dirt is a deciding factor for the performance of online games more often than not. If you want the online gaming to be executed perfectly, you need to take the dirt off your PC. The dirt impacts the performance of a computer to a fair degree. The PC shall be cleaned at least once a week in order to check the apt working of its components.

8.     The solid state drives should be checked:

When you have confirmed that all the parts of the computer are in place, it is then time for you to check the hard drive. In order to improve the performance of your PC in terms of online gaming, you need to check if the hard drive is in place.
Possessing two drives is highly recommended and the thing that you need to keep in mind is that the second drive shall be big and the first one can be small. The games that are unfolding at the market consume a lot of space and hence, you should consider buying a bigger hard drive for them.

9.     Delete the unnecessary games in the PC:

In order to have the best performance with online games, you need to delete the unnecessary games that you are not using. The impact of such unused games is high on memory card So, you need to buck up and start clearing your hard drive from the things that are unnecessary for you.

10. Checking the PC’s v-sync settings:

V-sync may be an alien word for many. It is basically vertical-synchronization and once it is switched off, you are deemed to face problems while playing games. No matter the graphics card is doing a good job but if the results do not show up on screen, there is no point of the same. Hence, in order to receive a good performance in online gaming, you must check the v-sync settings of your PC.


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