Tuesday, January 12, 2016

File Sharing at Your Fingertips: Adobe Reader X Integrates with Adobe SendNow

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You love sharing your favorite family photos, videos, and your own personal creations. You've got a couple of options for sharing. You can upload files to cloud-based sharing systems like Amazon or Google. You can also use your own personal cloud solution, like a networked drive.

Another option is to make use of the Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing protocol. Vuze software that specializes in this method which allows you to retain control over your files and share them at the same time.

A relative newcomer in the file sharing space appears to be Adobe. Its new Adobe Reader X sports a cleaner UI, with larger buttons and a rearranged menu structure – making it less intimidating for new users. The reader also integrates a unique file-transfer feature. This feature lets you read the document and then transfer it to anyone you want without leaving the application.

So, for example, if you just received a document from a friend, and you open it and like it, you can now send it to another person without firing up your email client. Just click the “SendNow” button, and it will connect you with Adobe SendNow. The SendNow feature supports lots of different document types like Office documents, images, and text files. But, the reader itself still only supports PDFs (not surprisingly).

There's another feature that some users might also like, and that's “Protected Mode.” While most PDF files are safe, there are still malicious users out there trying to infect your computer. They do this by exploiting vulnerabilities in the Reader. Protect Mode helps to contain any malicious code that tries to modify your computer's file system or registry settings.

A Few Tips When Using Adobe's New Reader

When you locate a PDF file you want to open, click on it. Abode Reader should automatically start and display the document in the browser window. If the reader doesn't launch automatically, you'll be prompted to choose a default application to use when reading similar file types. Navigate your computer for the Acrobat reader and select it. You always wan to use it to read PDFs.

How To Copy Text From a PDF Document

Since the Adobe Acrobat Reader isn't a standard web browser, its default is set to a custom scrolling function (the “hand” that grabs and moves the page around). You'll have to right-click and choose the “select tool” from the menu. Then, select a piece of text you want to copy and then right-click and select “copy.” From here on out, pasting is the normal right-click and “paste” function or “CTRL V” (Command V on a Mac).

Never Open Suspicious PDFs

When in doubt, don't open it. Even though protect mode is supposed to protect you from malicious attacks, it's still a new feature and not battle-tested. So, don't go testing it on your system unless you're confident that you can deal with any threats that manifest if the system doesn't catch it.

Always Use Protected Mode When In Doubt

When you have to open files of unknown origin, always use Protected Mode. It'll save you hours of frustration if and when it catches something malicious. It's your first line of defense. Use it.

Corey Dudley often deals with large amounts of data to be shared with a number of people. Through his years of experience, he blogs about innovative and secure ways web users can share information for work or play.


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