Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why-Fi? What Businesses are getting by giving free internet

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FREE. Wi-Fi. Two of the things we love in one place! What’s not to like?

But how are they benefitting from providing free internet to costumers?” Perhaps you’ve already asked yourself this question once or twice while you’re in a coffee shop with a free Wi-Fi connection. You might not notice it, but you are spending almost double the amount of time (and perhaps) money on coffee and snacks just because you can browse your Facebook account while sitting on a comfy sofa. And don’t tell me you’re just there for the coffee.

Stroll in your neighborhood and you will see that almost every business is offering a promotion such as a special offer, sale or discount. Businesses are competing in a hectic environment as consumers look for the best deals around.

Smart managers and business owners are now realizing the importance of providing free internet connection to their customers. It’s almost impossible not to see customers reaching out in their pockets or purses and using their smartphones.

And that there is where the magic happens – in the form of “hey, do you have a Wi-Fi here?”

Here are 5 reasons why businesses are providing (or should have) free Wi-Fi to customers.

Attract and Retain Customers. Wi-Fi allows businesses like pubs, cafes and restaurants to attract new customers, sometimes just by posting a FREE Wi-Fi sign on their doors. Have you tried sitting alone in a bar or coffee shop? Awkward, right? Free Wi-Fi connection lets people connect with friends online and removes the awkwardness of sitting alone. This ultimately leads to more business for the establishment. Bars, cafes and restaurants can reap many benefits by simply providing free Wi-Fi access.

Offers competitive Edge. Everyone loves the word “free” as much as we like sales and discounts. Providing free Wi-Fi access could be the deciding factor in choosing one business or organization over another, since we all tend to appreciate and favor complimentary extras.

Minimal investment required. Installing a Wi-Fi hotspot doesn’t involve the costs that many businesses expect. iiNet’s Wi Fi connection, for instance start from just $79.95 per month. A Free Wi-Fi is beneficial for a business that has multiple customers in the business at once, especially if they’re waiting for appointments, enjoying a coffee or maybe shopping in the premises. Moreover, a business is expected to have a free Wi-Fi connection if it’s in the metropolitan area.

Help customers comparison shop.  How do you choose between two businesses? Price and quality. In the age of smartphones, having a free Wi-Fi connection provides businesses with a significant advantage over their competitors. People tend to stay longer in a store when there’s a Wi-Fi. And sometimes before buying, we just have to check out that item we were eyeballing last night.

Meet customer expectations.  Customers are becoming accustomed to free Wi-Fi access and this has created an expectation for free W-Fi- availability. Many public and private places like transportation hubs, city centers, hotels, libraries, pubs, restaurants or even churches have it! Businesses with no free Wi-Fi connection need to embrace this trend ASAP and allow their customers to stay connected to their online world.

So, what would you choose: an establishment who offers FREE Wi-Fi or the other one who doesn’t? Case in point.


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