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Welcome to our about us page, thanks for visiting this page, in this page we will share something about our blog (Tips N Tech) as well its admin (Ahmed Ali Soomro Now Sarvesh Darak).


Now this blog is being maintained by Sarvesh Darak.

About the author (Ahmed Ali Soomro):

Ahmed Soomro is the founder of Tips n Tech (Tnt).
He is a teenager tech fan from Pakistan, who always wants to explore new things about Internet, Computer, Technology and environment around him and hopes that he will be a pro-blogger in future. He belongs from a middle class family. He loves to write about Web, Blogging, Blogger, Wordpress, Search engine optimization and more. Ahmed Soomro started to use computer since 2009. He Started blogging since early 2012 and started to explore the web and technology in early 2010 as well as he also became moderator, vip, expert in many IT forums for his contribution across the web.

About Tips N Tech:

Tips N Tech is a technology blog founded in May 2012, at Tips N Tech; we write about technology, search engine optimization, blogging, blogger, wordpress, gadgets and other useful info.


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