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We openly invite all guest authors who want to write a guest post for Tips N Tech.
Currently we have PageRank 3 and by submitting your guest post, you will get 1 dofollow links to your site from Tips N Tech (1 in author bio).

What kind of Articles we are looking for?

At Tips N tech we write about technology, we only accept articles related to below topics:
1. Operating systems (Windows, linux, mac etc.)
2. Tech News
3. Gadgets
4. Handheld devices (android, Symbian, ios etc.)
5. Blogging
6. Content management system (Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla etc.)
7. How tos
8. Social media
9. Web (Jquery or other frameworks.)
10. Pc
11. Useful info
12. Search Engine optimization (Seo)
13. Latest tech tips and tricks

Benefits of Writing on Tip ‘N’ Tech:

1. Our site has pr 3 and you will get 1 dofollow backlinks to your site (1 in author bio).
2. Get direct traffic

Rules for submitting Guest post:
1. Post must have 400-500+ words.
2. Post must be original, not copied from any other site.
3. You will not resubmit post to any other site or blog.
4. After publishing post, all rights of it are reserved by us
5. After submitting your post, your post will be reviewed in 24 hours.
6. If we reject your post then you reserve all rights of it.
7. Make sure article doesn't contains affiliate links.

How to submit your post:

To submit your guest post, simply email us at Lucifer24x7@gmail.com or use our contact us page.